Mary was the type of girl she always liked to fly

Jake Gyllenhaal // Like a powerful drug ❤️ 

Video of my courtesy. 

Rayon ~ A beautiful angel~ ❤️ 

A video by myself. Oh boy,was it hard to go back and watch it over and over.. Painful. 
Watch this in HD and please let me know what you think guys! 

Yes. You are allowed to scream/cry/sob. 

Jared Leto: ‘Dallas’ Luncheon in NYC! 

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“I live by the rule that you should follow your dreams…no matter what you do, you should follow your dreams”

Happy Birthday Jared Joseph Leto!

Happy 42nd Birthday, Jared Leto! (12/26/1971)


Happy birthday, Jared Leto!


Happy 42nd birthday, you special dorky snowflake, you xo

Happy 42nd Birthday, Jared Leto!

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Hard to describe him in just a few words but… inspiration,genius, kindness and dreams is just what he is. A life savor, a role model, an insane artist, an eternal believer and a lover of life and art. A musician,artist,actor but most of all a dreamer…The biggest one. A man, who has saved a handful of people out there, from their own selves..A man who keeps me and you, sane every day.. The one who instead of watching life from afar, he grabbed it and made it his. 
When it comes to him, it’s always hard to write down what I feel, just because I feel it’s not possible to put down all that love and admiration I have for him. Jared Leto is the example that fucking dreams ARE possible…and you know, in those days when everyone is trying to steal your hopes and dreams he’s still here to encourage us! 
A smile, just one little curve that fixes everything…The worst day, or the best day, by making better. 
I love you, you silly vagabond. We all do. You are a hell of a man. Happy Birthday!  

This,is what I decide to do at 4:30 am. My emotions are in a roller coaster after this.

Jared Leto // Dear Darlin’ ♥